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Chi & Partners have been working with Arla Foods Ltd. on marketing the Anchor brand for 5 whole years, and have successfully helped reposition the brand as “The Original Butter Co. Since 1886″.

Anchor butter was a popular family favourite for decades, but with an ever increasingly competitive market, Anchor had seen volume sales decline. Chi stepped in to help Anchor once again become the British public”s favourite butter.

Chi”s game changing idea for Anchor has been based around Anchor being ‘The Original Butter Company’.


Back in 2011 this lead to the ‘Made By Cows Since 1886’ campaign which helped reignite affection for the brand. The TV spot for ‘Made By Cows’ playfully sets up life in the Anchor Dairy, run entirely by the Anchor cows (you can see the ad on youtube here).

Touching on the heritage of the Anchor brand with the “Made by Cows Since 1886″ campaign, Chi created a modern take on ghost signs (ads painted directly onto brick). Chi also created a real version of the sign, painting onto a wall in a high-traffic area of London.






This print campaign was so well received, Chi won Gold at the Creative Circle awards for Best Press and Best Poster campaign.

Back in the summer of 2011, Chi went on to help Anchor promote their 125th anniversary. Chi created a fully integrated campaign, including a TV advert, outdoor, digital, memorabilia and on-pack promotion.



The TV ad humorously featured the Anchor cows preparing for Anchor’s 125th birthday party which was very well received.



This year Chi have gone onto develop a heartfelt brand campaign for Anchor under the emotionally rich title “Tastes Like Home” – which affectionately celebrates Anchor”s history and place in our kitchens.

The 60second TV spot uses a rotating lighthouse camera mounted on the centre of the kitchen table, to capture an entire 30 years of one family’s life – with all its highs and lows – in one 360 degree sweep (see the ad on youtube here).



Thanks to Chi, Anchor will live on for many years to come as a heart warming heritage brand for  Great Britain by reigniting people”s love for the brand.

Congratulations to Chi & Partners for retaining their position as Arla Food”s go to agency consistently for half a decade.

Well done for winning this week”s award.

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